Overalls for dolls

Made it to week three so this actually feels like a series now. This week is the shorts and overalls I designed for these cuties

For their shirts check out last weeks blog

The yarn I used for these is Lionbrand Heartland in Olympic but Lionbrand Jeans yarn would be perfect also.


– worsted weight yarn

– 3.75 mm hoo

– yarn Needle to weave in ends

– stitch marker


– SS slip stitch

– CH chain

– SC single crochet

– FDSC foundation single crochet

– DC double crochet


– worked in continuous round


Make 2 legs (do not cut yarn when done with second

Round 1: FDSC 18, SS together

Round 2-4: SC around (18)

Work more rounds for longer pants

Cut yarn and work second leg

Round 5: Connect legs by SC in next stitch and in a stitch from first leg (move stitch marker here), SC together the next stitch in both legs, then continue to work just one leg, then the next (34)

Round 6-12: SC around (34)

For shorts stop here finish off and weave ends

For overalls continue

Row 1: 10 SC, CH 1, Turn

Row 2-7: 10 DC, CH 1, Turn

Starting Straps

CH 30 flip shorts over and SC to back. I eyeballed here to SC in the middle 5 stitches then CH 30 and SS to opposite side top of bib

Cut yarn and weave ends

Tune in next week for the next piece of clothing!

Happily Hooked, Designed, and Written by

Parrish of Little Turkey Crafts

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