Raglan Shirt for dolls

Maybe I’m new to following crochet designers on Instagram or raglan shirts really took off this summer. Either way I had to design one for dolls. This pattern is suggested for 14 inch crochet dolls. Check out last weeks blog for my favorite doll patterns.


3.75 mm hook

Worsted weight yarn

Yarn needle

Stitch marker


Ch- chain

Sc- single crochet

Ss- slip stitch

Pattern (working in continuous rounds unless stated to slip stitch)

Ch 32 ss to stating chain. Make sure your chains are not twisted

Round 1: sc 4, ch 3, Sc in same stitch, *sc 7, ch 3, sc in same stitch* repeat *-* 2 more times. Sc 4

Ch 3 spaces create corners

Round 2: *sc to corner, (sc, ch3, sc) in corner* repeat 3 more times, sc to end

Round 3: repeat round 2

Fold in half

Round 4: sc to corner, sc in corner ch 2, sc in opposite corner, sc to next corner, sc in corner, ch 2, sc in opposite corner, sc to end

Round 5: sc round placing 2 sc in ch 2 spaces. I personally like to go around the chain instead of through it. I feel it gives a cleaner look

Round 6-12: sc around

Round 13: ch 1 turn, sc around. Turning it gives a look of a hem

Option to stop here and have more of a tank look. Just finish off and weave in ends.

Other option is to create a t-shirt and add sleeves

Reattach yarn at bottom of one arm hole

Sc 18 around arm hole

Working in continuous rounds work 2 more rounds of 18 sc. finish off weave in ends and repeat for other arm

For next week I’ll write up the pattern for the shorts and overalls shown in the photo with the two bff dolls

For now have a wonderful week

Happily hooked and written by



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