Leotard pattern for dolls

This is the first pattern in a new series! I always enjoyed playing with dolls as a child so making doll clothes seems to be the grown way to play with dolls. When searching for doll clothes pattern I could only find Barbie or American Girl sizes. But most crocheted doll are about 14- 16 inches and not flat but not super shaped either. So I started designing. One day I may have my own doll pattern but for now my two favorites are

1. The Friendly Red Fox


2. Sarah Dee Crochet


This first pattern was design for a gymnast doll I designed as a donation.

Then I changed it up a bit and added a tutu for a ballerina doll.

Materials needed:

– 3.75 mm hook (I’m a Furls diehard fan)

– Worsted weight yarn

– Yarn Needle


– Foundation Single Crochet (FSC)

– Single Crochet (SC)

– Slip Stitch (SS)

– Single Crochet 2 Together (SC2TOG)


Round 1- FSC 30, SS to the first SC

Round 2- Ch1 turn, SC 5, Ch 5, skip 5 SC, SC 10, Ch 5, Skip 5, SC 5, SS

Round 3- Ch 1 turn, SC around placing 5 SC in the chain 5 space

*I personally like to crochet around the chain instead of through the loops. It gives a cleaner look

Round 4-15- Ch 1 turn, SC around

*if adding the tutu leave the outer loop of round 13 unworked (I worked back loops but if you miss a turn then just work front or back whatever leaves the outer loop open)

Cut yarn and fold in half back side facing you. Reattach yarn in corner

Row 1- SC2TOG x2, SC 8, SC2TOG x2

Row 2- Ch 1 turn, SC2TOG across

Row 3- Ch 1 turn, SC2TOG across

Row 4- Ch 1 turn, SC2TOG, SC 1

Row 5- Ch 1 turn, SC 2

Row 6- Ch 1 turn, SC 2

Cut yarn

Flip to front facing you

Row 1- Skip one stitch and reattach yarn, SC2TOG x2, SC 2, SC2TOG

Row 2- SC2TOG across

Row 3- SC2TOG across

Row 4- SC 2

Row 5- SC 2

Slip stitch to 2 stitches from back

Cut yarn

Weave in ends

To add tutu: work in continuous rounds

Round 1- Using the round 13 outer loops SC around

Round 2- SC INC in each stitch around

Round 3- *SC INC, SC in next stitch* repeat around

Round 4 through as many as you want- *SC INC, SC 2 (increasing one each round, of more than 6 just SC around and no increases)

Cut yarn and weave in ends

Happily hooked and written by



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