Sweet Pea Pixie Bonnet

This is a really exciting day and one I didn’t expect so soon. My website is up and running and I’m releasing my first pattern. This pattern will always be free on the blog but I also have a printer friendly version on Ravelry once I figure it out

This is the first design in what will be the Sweet Pea collection. Name for the how the little circles look like pea pods but also because this bonnet was designed for a future baby who doesn’t have a name yet just baby P for her last name.

Here it is the Sweet Pea Bonnet

Crochet Pattern

Sizes 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-12m, & 1-4 yrs

Advanced Beginner


Yarn: DK or light worsted

– 1-4 yrs size uses 178 yards


  • Yarn Bee Sweet Delight Pink-a-boo

  • Cascade Prima Ultra Emerald

Hook: 3.75 or size to attain gauge

Yarn Needle- for weaving ends, no sewing required


Pom Pom optional


Measured seam x face to back of head

  1. 0-3m 5.25” x 5”

  2. 3-6m 6” x 5.5”

  3. 6-12m 6.75” x 6”

  4. 1-4 yrs  7.5” x 7”

Guage 3” x 3” = 4 Vstitchs x 8 rows


The pattern and photographs of this design are the property of Little Turkey Crafts. This pattern and design are subject to copyright. You may not copy or sell this pattern. You may make items to sell and as a courtesy please give credit to Little Turkey Crafts for the design

Best way to give credit is tagging us on Instagram or #littleturkeycrafts

Stitch Abbreviations

  1. Ch- chain

  2. SS- slip stitch

  3. SC- single crochet

  4. DC- double crochet

  5. Vstitch – (dc, ch 2 , dc)


  1. Each round is turned

  2. V stitches in the back loop (picture)

  3. Pattern Written 0-3m(3-6m, 6-12m, 1-4 yrs)

  4. Seam is the back of the hat

  5. I prefer a ch1 that does NOT count as a stitch at the beginning even with a dc. At least for this pattern it makes for a tighter edge which will look better when adding the border


Ch 29(32, 35, 38)

Row 1: 27(30, 33, 36) sc starting in the second ch from hook, 5 sc around last ch, 27(30, 33, 36) sc on other side of chain, ch 1, turn (59(65, 71, 77) stitches)

Row 2: *v stitch in back loop only( here and throughout pattern), sc in next stitch, skip stitch* repeat around, ch 1, turn (20 (22, 24, 26)v stitches)

Row 3: Vstitch, *sc in ch 2 space, V stitch in back loop*, repeat around, ch1, turn

For the last row ch 2 do not turn

Rows 4-15 repeat row 3

For size 3-6m Rows 16-17 repeat row 3

For size 6-12m Rows 18-19 repeat row 3

For size 1-4 yrs Rows 20-22 repeat row 3


You will finish last row with a ch 2 (instead of chain 1)

sc 1 in each ch 1 space and each sc around neck. Sc 1 in each ch 2 and each sc around face. Sc ch 2 sc in opposite corner. Ss in first corner. Faston off. Weave in ends.


Make 2

Step 1 measure out 3 pieces of yarn approx 1 yard (you will have excess)

Step 2 fold in half and thread through ch 2 on corners

Step 3 create loop and pull yarn through

Step 4 divide yarn and braid, tie in knot, cut extra

I hope y’all enjoy this pattern. Always feel free to contact me with any questions. All I want is for people to love crocheting!

Happily hooked, designed, and written by


Owner, maker, designer of

Little Turkey Crafts

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