Granny Squares

When a non crocheter thinks about crochet they probably think granny squares in tan, brown, mustard, and olive green. Also super itchy. I have a hard time even buying the nicer red heart yarns because the name makes me itch and think of the super saver line. But it’s been 5 DECADES since that was the norm for crochet. It is so modern now it’s constantly mixed up and called knitting. But likes and differences of that is for another blog, another day.

So now while I won’t use red heart super saver yarn or any colors from the 70’s (well mustard is back in and if done right amazing), I love love love a granny square.

One it’s a super quick stitch that is almost meditative. Two you can make almost anything from a granny square. Small things like a blanket for a lovey or big things like sweaters. My favorite sweater is really just a giant granny square folded and stitch the right way to make arm holes.

Lately I have been really into granny squares for my lovies. They leave big holes for freedom of little baby fingers to wiggle and grab. Also you know breathing holes. (Yes blankets with babies should be used responsibly)

Here is some of my recent lovies with a granny square.

While a granny square is a common stitch everyone has their own way. Like side or corner start, turning or no turning, or ch 2 or magic circle start. I personally love to start with a magic circle, turn, and corner start. You can also use any yarn weight or hook size.

I like mine pretty lose. So with light/DK yarn I like a 5mm hook and with Aran/worsted weight yarn I like a 6mm hook

Coloring changing in different orders and row amounts can also help modernize the granny square. I tend to love the random look. Though in reality I do more of a planned random. I’m way to OCD.

This bobble stitch border was a fun addition too

Just so I can have a little practice at pattern writing, here is my granny square pattern with bobble stitch border


DC- double crochet

SS- slip stitch

Start with a magic circle

Bobble stitch ch 2 yarn over, insert, yarn over, pull through, yarn over pull through 2, leaving 2 loops on hook. Repeat 3 more times, yarn over pull through 5 loops

Round 1

Ch 2 (this is your first dc) 2dc ch 2 *3dc ch2* repeat ** 2 more times ss to top of starting ch 2

Round 2

Ch 2 turn work 2 dc *in next corner 3 dc, ch 2, 3dc* repeat ** 2 more times, back to first corner 3dc, ch 2 ss to first ch 2

Round 3

Ch 2 turn, 2dc in the same corner, 3dc in the open space, 3dc ch 2 3dc in corner, repeat around ending with ch 2 ss to first ch

Round 4- as many rounds as you want

Repeat round 3 (I did 12 for my lovey blankets)

For the bobble stitch bordering 2 dc in every stitch around ss to beginning ch

Ch 2 bobble stitch, ch 1, bobble, foldover, ss to next dc

SS in next 2 stitches, bobble again, all the way around

Thanks for reading! I have lots of fun things planned like free patterns and demos for the blog

Happily hooked and written by


Owner, maker, designer of little turkey crafts

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