Recreating Architecture

I remember being a little kid playing with LEGO’s. I would only build houses mostly planning layouts. Sometime around middle school it occurred to me and my family architecture might make a great major. Math was one of the few subject I excelled at. I ended up taking advanced calculus classes in high school. I even picked the University of Hawaii for their 7 year architecture program (well and the beach). By the time I actually made it to school I switched to marine biology and by the end of the first semester I was a dance major. My love of floor plans and architecture may have not become a career but is something I still love. So being able to bring that to a crochet project was beyond fun and a new challenge.

Little side note if I ever did go back to school it would be for interior design. I’m working on convincing my husband we need to build a house just so I can plan the layout. I have a huge pet peeve of wasted space and energy flows are extremely important

Back to crochet. Crocheting a building really is a puzzle. It’s a matter of breaking down the building into pieces and shapes. Crocheting them and piecing back together. The church I recently recreated is the best example of this.

Here is the church

I started with making the foundation

Then added walls

Next up created the details such as windows and doors. I start with what would be the glass. Then add trim. Outside edge is usually a single crochet then I embroider through the glass with a backstitch to add detail.

Then I guess you would call it a dropped ceiling. The piece isn’t seen in the finished piece but helps support the stuffing.

Then the roof

The entire project is almost all single crochet with a few half double, doubles, and triples for shaping arches.

This pieced ended up being huge but I know very special for the family that ordered it.

Happy hooked and written by


Owner/maker/creator of little turkey crafts

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