Showing love through yarn

Well I have made another full circle around the sun and as I celebrate the 2nd anniversary of my 29th birthday I think about how I’m ending this year with a bang. My business exploded in just 3 1/2 months. I have met many of my goals and then some. So this seems like the perfect time to launch my blog. I had not even planned to do one this year but everything just fell into place. So here it is something light and only half about crochet.

When I taught yoga I always wanted to theme a class or series around love languages. Then I realized the touch love language would probably require well you know touching. A back history here touch is my second lowest scoring love language I am not touchy feely (acts of service being the highest). My family always gave me a hard time about giving terrible hugs. My friends currently make fun of me and threaten hugs. My husband and Louisa happen to have touch as their highest scoring love language. It’s tough to say the least. So that yoga class never happened. But I continue to research love languages for my family

The other day I realized my yarn obsession actually hits all the love languages. Listed the the order they ranked for me

Acts of service- the act of crocheting for others

Words of affirmation- this is more on the receiving only end. But who doesn’t love hearing how talented they are

Quality time- I get quality time doing something I love and others know I spent quality time thinking of them

Touch- well most yarn is super soft. I love snuggling skeins, cakes, and hanks. Others love snuggling the things I made them. Might be one reason I love making dolls and loveys it’s like letting that person snuggle a piece of my soul without me actually having to touch them

Gifts- making handmade special gifts for everyone

So really crochet is how I show and receive love and even let people kinda hug me

Thanks for reading! More to come soon!

– happily written by Parrish

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